How to unlock a car with a coat hanger

If you have forgot your key inside the car then don't worry you can open your car in minutes with a long coat hanger.


Find a wire clothes hanger that you will straighten out to create a long wire. A rib from an umbrella will work as well.

  • You can also buy a tool specifically designed for opening car doors called a Slim Jim, which is a long, thin piece of flexible metal with a hook on the end. Because car thieves often use this tool, however, Slim Jims may not work on some newer cars that have developed ways to protect against their illegal use.


Use a pair of wire cutters to snip off the hook of the hanger on each side of the base of the twisted section below the hook. Cut as close to the base of the twisted section as possible in order to retain as much length in the wire as you can.


Bend the wire to straighten it out as straight as possible. It is very important that the wire is as straight as possible because you will be guiding the wire through the door

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